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Heal, Transform, Thrive: Your Somatic Path to Well-being

Do you ever feel like there's something more to your well-being than what meets the eye? That perhaps, beneath the surface, there's a profound source of healing waiting to be tapped into? Welcome to SomaShift Healing with Angela Rivero, where we're redefining the path to well-being with a body-based nervous system approach that goes beyond words.

In a world where talk therapy often takes center stage, we're here to tell you that healing is not confined to the realm of words. While traditional therapy can be immensely valuable, we believe in the innate wisdom of the body and the power of the nervous system to guide us towards profound transformation and healing.

What Sets Us Apart

At SomaShift Healing, we're on a mission to help you harness the power of your body's wisdom and your nervous system's innate intelligence. Our approach is distinct because we understand that healing isn't just about talking through your challenges – it's about experiencing profound shifts from within.

A Body-Based Approach

Our journey to well-being begins by acknowledging that our bodies hold the keys to healing. The body has an incredible capacity to store emotions, memories, and experiences. Often, these remain locked within us, affecting our physical and emotional well-being. Our body-based approach delves deep into your somatic experiences, helping you release stored tension, trauma, and pain.

Nervous System Regulation

The nervous system is a vital component of our well-being, yet it's often overlooked in traditional therapeutic settings. At SomaShift Healing, we prioritize nervous system regulation because we understand its pivotal role in how we think, feel, and connect. Our Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) listening therapy is designed to gently regulate your nervous system, helping you interpret cues of safety, connect more meaningfully with others, and experience lasting change.

Transformation Beyond Words

While talk therapy can be incredibly valuable for exploring your thoughts and emotions, we go further. Our approach acknowledges that there are layers of healing that words alone can't reach. By delving into the somatic experience and regulating the nervous system, we offer a unique path to transformation that transcends traditional dialogue.

Your Journey to Healing

Healing is a deeply personal journey, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. At SomaShift Healing, we honor your unique path and provide guidance and support tailored to your needs. Whether you're seeking relief from anxiety, healing from past trauma, or looking to deepen your mind-body connection, we're here to walk beside you.

Experience the Shift

Are you ready to experience the shift that goes beyond words? Join us at SomaShift Healing with Angela Rivero, and embark on your somatic path to well-being. Heal, transform, and thrive with the power of your body and nervous system as your guides.

Ready to dive in? Contact us today and let's begin your transformative journey.

Intrigued? Listen to our latest podcast episode, Healing Beyond Words, where we explore the depth of somatic healing and the power of the nervous system in creating lasting


 Angela Rivero, Somatic Practitioner

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