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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Image by Lina Trochez


"Touched By An Angel"

The quality of your space holding was excellent. I felt very safe with you. Your kindness and caring were obvious and appreciated. I am still using all the tools you shared almost daily. My wife and I have been having cuddling time together almost daily as well. I feel like we were "Touched By An Angel" who showed up & helped us to come closer, deepen our connection with each other and assist me in feeling more loved by myself and my partner. I shall continue to make daily time for self-nurturing too! You felt very professional in all our Sessions, as well as knowledgeable and confident.


"It's been an amazing journey with Angela!"

What. A. Gift. Wow, that experience last night was so powerful. I didn't even realize it so much in our session. But as "What I need, Matters" lands in my body. it is so true and revolutionary at the same time. I feel like I am on a new trajectory. Thank you for pushing me to find the thing that needs to be recognized, and to care for it and bring it into the light. I am looking forward to the journey, thanks for being one of my guides.



"I'm forever grateful for our time together."

Before I started working with Angela. I felt a bit lost. I wasn't sure what I wanted, I lacked self confidence and motivation. It's been a couple of months now and I feel like a different person. My sessions with Angela became my favorite part of the week. I was able to identify what my perfect life would look like, I started to trust myself more and started to actually believe that I'm in charge of my life. Angela provided a safe and sacred space for me to open up about things from my childhood I was still holding on to, and old ideas that were no longer serving me. With her help and guidance I was able to transform many aspects of my life. I'm currently going back to school to pursue my dream career in the creative field as well and training to become a Pilates instructor. Angela gave me the strength and courage to prioritize myself, love my body and find pleasure in everyday life. I'm forever grateful for

our time together.

- Olga 

"I am deeply grateful for the gentle and profound ways in which Angela has helped me to align with my inner wisdom. So often I would disregard my own needs and boundaries, and become exhausted and depleted. Angela has shared tools and practices that have radically transformed the ways in which I can awaken my self-trust with grace, authenticity and freedom. Angela guides with such care and intuitive listening, her gifts are many, and I am still finding treasure from our sessions."

Aurora- U.K

"I treasure the work I have done with Angela.

She was nonjudgmental and created a safe space for me to explore what I truly want for myself in my life. Her method of coaching is unlike anything else I have experienced and allowed me to be honest with myself to start the process of achieving the amazing things I want in my life.

Angela is down to earth, professional, and very knowledgeable. Working with Angela was one of the best decisions I've made!"


Critical Care RN

Angela is amazing at helping you trust yourself.

In one session, I was able to stop going back and forth on a decision I was afraid to make and she helped me feel safe in that process. I got clarity and confidently discovered my truth in that moment. I feel so much more ease & safety in voicing my truth and have my voice back. She is a powerful facilitator of helping you tap into your intuition, stop censoring, and deeply trust yourself.

Amanda Rivera

Marketing and Business Systems

Amanda Rivera. Client of Angela Rivero

"Angela has greatly assisted me in improving my communication and relationship with my spouse! I am so forever grateful as Angela is continuing to teach me how to evolve in my marriage and of course, in my relationship with myself. In less than 20minutes, Angela was able to clarify the root cause of my challenge and the resolution for it. I am now successfully and effectively applying the mindful tools and resources she has taught me to evolve! Thank yoU, Angela, for teaching me how to allow myself to be happy, in bliss, playful, and fulfilled."

Sediqa Nargis Schuyler

Quantum Healist, LLC

Sediqa Schuyler. Client of Angela Rivero

Angela is a beautiful and intuitive coach. She is grounded in her body and heart, and is able to offer spot on, gentle suggestions for what's needed at just the right moment, which allow those she works with to access their own deepest truth. Rather than encouraging her clients to become more like her, she catalyzes them to become more themselves! You will fare well in her loving and skillful presence.

-Nicole W. , Santa Cruz, CA

Nicole W. Client of Angela Rivero

Angela always creates a safe space where I feel comfortable sharing. She has a ton of varied and useful approaches in her toolbox to guide deep dives and to create expansion and lasting change for women!! I appreciate how Angela tunes into her clients, and then creates a custom approach that works well for that person on the fly - both in one-on-one's and in Women's Circles. She's grounded, intuitive and generous with her knowledge. Thank you, Angela!!

-Racquel Roberts, Los Angeles , CA

Angela creates a warm, welcoming space to allow you to unfold into the work. She helps you stay in tune to your body and helps you move through your journey in a safe container. So grateful for the tools she has shared to help guide me toward a deeper inward connection!

-Jennifer Armstrong, Santa Cruz, CA

Angela holds deeply compassionate and caring space for transformation! She truly embodies and invites radical trust!

-Zoe Vlastos, Boulder, CO

Zoe, Client of Angela Rivero

My Clients

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