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Embark on Your Holistic Healing Journey 

About Angela Rivero:

Your Guide to Holistic Healing and Empowerment

Hi, I’m Angela—an unwavering advocate of holistic healing, a passionate Somatic Practitioner, Embodiment Coach, Educator, and Mentor. With each step of my journey, I've been driven by the profound potential that lies within the union of body, mind, and spirit.

I hold a Coaching Certification, a VITA™ Sex, Love, and Relationships 1-year Certification, and I'm currently immersed in the 3-year Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Healing Training. My commitment to knowledge and growth is further solidified by my role as a Certified Safe And Sound Provider. This diverse and specialized training equips me with a unique toolkit that I wholeheartedly share with you.

Guiding You, No Matter the Distance:

My services span the globe, catering to clients both near and far. For those in my local area, I offer in-person sessions that provide a nurturing and personalized touch. For clients at a distance, virtual sessions break down geographical barriers, allowing us to connect and work together seamlessly. My dedication to guiding and supporting individuals on their journey of growth and transformation transcends borders.

Awe-Inspired by Embodiment:

The enchanting dance between the body, mind, and spirit has always fascinated me. I've personally witnessed the transformative power of embodiment, and it's a privilege to share this revelation with you. The innate wisdom of our bodies is awe-inspiring, capable of guiding us toward profound healing and holistic wellbeing. It's my passion to explore and share conscious, loving pathways to integrate these elements into a harmonious symphony.

Fostering Vital Aliveness and Thriving Lives:

Through personalized 1:1 coaching, I empower individuals to reclaim their sense of power, agency, and erotic aliveness. This newfound empowerment resonates across all facets of life, allowing you to thrive and flourish in every dimension. My goal is to support you in transcending obstacles, nurturing relationships, and embracing your true essence.

A Glimpse into My World:

I'm rooted in North County, San Diego, CA, where the sun-kissed landscapes inspire me daily. My journey of healing and growth is interwoven with my life with my beloved husband, Jesse, our two incredible boys, Alexander and August, and our loyal companion, Koda.

Let’s Begin Our Journey:

I invite you to explore the possibilities of working together, discovering the pathways to healing, empowerment, and holistic transformation that await. Your journey starts here, and I'm humbled and honored to be your guide.

With love and dedication,

Angela Rivero

My Story

Discovering Embodiment: A Somatic Journey from Chronic Autoimmune Challenges

Deep within the inner landscapes of my own body, I embarked on a journey of exploration where I encountered the tender coexistence of pain and uncertainty. Over several years, I engaged with the unwavering presence of a chronic autoimmune condition, and its influence on me gradually evolving. Yet, amid this unfolding journey, a path of transformation quietly took shape—a path that gently guided me back to my authentic self, leading me toward a life characterized by empowerment, holistic healing, and profound embodiment.

This wasn't a journey of defiance but rather one rooted in the gentle curiosity of my own being. At every juncture, I chose to explore the intricate connections between my body, mind, and spirit, seeking to understand their intricate dance.

Amidst the labyrinth of medical consultations and therapeutic practices, I stumbled upon a revelation—the profound power of embodiment. I embarked on a voyage of reconnection with my physical self in ways that felt entirely new. Within the sacred sanctuary of my own body, I discovered a space where pain no longer held me captive but rather served as a gentle messenger, a signal from the depths.

Curiosity became my guiding light. With each inquiry, I unveiled layers of wisdom intricately woven into my existence. I delved into holistic practices that offered a fresh perspective—one that went beyond symptom management and delved into the core of my suffering.

This path wasn't linear or effortless. There were moments when the weight of despair threatened to overshadow my resolve. Yet, within me, a spark of hope remained—a belief that from the depths of suffering, strength and transformation could gently emerge, like the unfolding of a flower.

As I delved further into embodiment practices, a new narrative began to unfold. My body, once a realm of turmoil, transformed into a willing partner on my journey toward healing. I cultivated a compassionate and nurturing relationship with myself. Healing was no longer a distant goal; it became a daily practice—an ongoing voyage marked by vulnerability and self-love.

However, it was my exploration of trauma and the intricate workings of the nervous system that held the key to unlocking my true healing potential. As I carefully unraveled the layers of accumulated trauma, I discovered the threads that had bound my constant pain. I realized that authentic healing required a profound engagement with the root causes and a gentle recalibration of my nervous system's responses. This insight marked a pivotal juncture—a bridge leading from suffering to a life infused with wellness and vitality.

Today, I find myself on a journey that showcases the potential of holistic healing and embodiment. While I haven't reached complete healing, I've traveled from a place of agony to one where I thrive more and more each day. Healing is an ongoing voyage, and I've made significant progress along this path. It's not about returning to a pre-illness state; it's about creating a new, flourishing life. Through dedicated work on my trauma and nervous system, I have witnessed remarkable improvements and embraced a life enriched with enhanced well-being. My journey transcended the mere conquest of a chronic autoimmune condition; it involved the tender unfurling of layers, the gradual release of pain, and the discovery of a radiant light that had always resided within me.

I extend an invitation to you, dear traveler, to embark on this voyage of empowerment and healing alongside me. Let us journey together into the realm of holistic well-being, where progress is marked by resilience, understanding, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Embrace the hope that resides within the depths of your own body and soul, and together, we shall navigate this transformative odyssey with gentle curiosity and self-compassion.

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