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Coping with anxiety in Escondido, CA

SomaShift: Embodied Evolution 

Heal, Transform, Thrive: Your Somatic Path to Well-being

- A Body-Based Nervous System Approach Beyond Words

Rewire your nervous system for radical Self-Love

Welcome to SomaShift,

 where the body's wisdom intertwines with the power of the mind and the depths of the soul. As a Somatic + Holistic Practitioner, I, Angela Rivero, am committed to guiding you on a transformative journey that transcends words—unveiling the extraordinary potential that resides within you.

Somatic Practitioner Angela Rivero, Escondido CA

Tap into your body's wisdom, fueling boundless thriving in every facet of life.

For individuals in search of profound empowerment and transformative healing.

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Our Holistic Approach:

At the core of SomaShift lies a holistic approach that combines a wealth of transformative methodologies, each carefully selected to empower you on your path to true healing and lasting transformation:

Somatic Experiencing: Navigating the Body's Wisdom: Somatic Experiencing forms the bedrock of our approach. Drawing from modern neuroscience, this method guides you through gentle yet profound processes that allow the body to release stored tension and unlock its innate capacity for healing. With a deep understanding of the body's language, you'll embark on a journey of physical and emotional renewal.

 The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) by Stephen Porges: Grounded in neurobiology, SSP offers a safe haven for your nervous system. Through specifically designed auditory stimulation, SSP helps regulate your physiological state, fostering emotional resilience and offering relief from the impacts of stress and trauma. It's a step toward healing that echoes through every aspect of your being.

 Certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching: Your journey is an exploration of the self, and that includes your intimate connections. With certified coaching in sex, love, and relationships, we dive into the complexities of human connection. This approach supports you in fostering healthy relationships, nurturing intimacy, and embracing the beauty of authentic connections.

Feminine Embodiment Practices and Sensual Movement: We embrace the wisdom of feminine embodiment. Sensual movement becomes a sacred practice through which you explore your body's innate wisdom, connect with your sensual self, and celebrate the unique power of your femininity.

What Our Approaches Offer You:

 Embracing Transformation Through Embodiment: Our holistic methodologies empower you to embrace transformation through embodiment. Your body becomes a canvas upon which you paint the tapestry of your healing journey. Through this deep connection, you'll cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and an unwavering sense of self.

 Unearthing Root Causes and Parts Work: Within The Soma Sanctuary, we journey beyond surface-level understanding. We explore the root causes of challenges, uncovering layers that may have long been buried. Through parts work, we integrate different facets of your identity, fostering a sense of wholeness that transcends limitations.

 Nurturing Emotional Resilience: Your emotional landscape is as integral to your healing as your physical experiences. We offer you the tools to navigate emotions with grace, nurturing emotional resilience that empowers you to face life's challenges with authenticity and strength.

 Cultivating Curiosity and Patience: The path to lasting transformation is a journey of curiosity—one where every step is an opportunity for growth. We cultivate curiosity as your ally, allowing you to traverse this path with patience, self-compassion, and an open heart.

Welcome to SomaShift—a place where your healing journey becomes a symphony of body, mind, and soul. Step into this sacred space, and know that your transformation is not only possible but inevitable. With each session, each breath, and each act of self-discovery, you are reclaiming your power and embracing the beauty of holistic healing. Your journey is unique, and I am honored to walk alongside you every step of the way.

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Through somatic healing + coaching + holistic embodiment techniques, I help you: 

  • Gently integrate traumas

  • Regulate your nervous system

  • Feel more freedom and confidence in expressing your sexuality

  • Revitalize your energy so that you can design your dream life

  • Be yourself without fear of judgment or external expectations, this will help you develop self-confidence


In order to step beyond surviving, amplify your human purpose, and ignite a deeper passion for life.


Discovering the radiant fulfillment that comes from within starts with a foundation of self-love.


But the question remains: How do you truly achieve this profound self-love?


Perhaps you've explored self-love affirmations and immersed yourself in mindset

work. You've diligently documented the qualities you appreciate about yourself within your journal. Luxurious spa days and self-care rituals have become integral to your routine.

Yet, beneath it all, a deeper truth persists.

Can you relate to the sensation of not yet anchoring yourself fully in self-love?

I understand this journey well, as it took me years to shift from feelings of unworthiness to a space of embracing and celebrating every facet of who I am—even on the days when it's a bit more challenging. The pivotal lesson is that this transformation requires choice and dedication. It's a journey of self-love that demands consistent practice.

So, what was my approach?

I chose the path of embodiment.

Traditional self-love methods often overlook the body and the profound shifts that must occur within the depths of the nervous system. True, lasting change necessitates healing wounds and releasing old patterns etched into our very cells...

Only then can we nourish our bodies with love, honor, security, and jubilation. We can rewire the nervous system, igniting a revolution of radical self-love.

This process allows you to genuinely cultivate deep and enduring love for every aspect of yourself—even those parts that may pose the greatest challenges.

This is where my expertise enters the picture—I can guide you through this transformative journey.

Unearth and heal old wounds while shedding outdated patterns.

Transition from self-doubt and self-criticism to the profound embrace of every facet of your being. I am here to show you how.

By forging a connection between healing, embodiment, and self-love, I offer you the tools to embark on a journey toward profound transformation. The radiant fulfillment you seek in your relationships starts within you, and I am here to help you uncover it.



How is coaching different from therapy? 

Coaching and therapy diverge in their approaches and objectives. Therapy predominantly involves introspection and dialogue to facilitate healing and personal development. On the other hand, coaching, particularly somatic life coaching, centers around taking practical steps to enact profound transformations, including the release of subconscious and primal blockages that impede our progress. By actively engaging in somatic work, we uncover and address hidden obstacles that may be restricting us without our awareness. This process enables us to complete stress cycles in our bodies, fostering authentic healing and empowering us to overcome limitations. Ultimately, coaching offers a dynamic and action-oriented path to self-discovery and growth.

Therapists are medical professionals who have been highly trained in regards to mental health. Because of their training, therapists face more restrictions than coaches in terms of how they are able to serve (such as requiring licensure in their state of practice, their approach to healing, etc.).  

One of the most common misconceptions about coaching is that it’s a knock-off version of therapy. That’s not what this is. The main difference between therapy in coaching is this: 

  • Unlike therapy, coaching does not focus on diagnosing or treating mental health disorders

  • Unlike traditional mind-focused approaches, which often center around talk therapy, our methodology goes beyond the mind. We understand the vital importance of incorporating the body into the healing process.

  • Embracing a holistic perspective, we integrate the mind, body, and energy to facilitate transformation. By acknowledging the significance of the body and its connection to our emotional and energetic states, we offer a more comprehensive and effective approach to growth and healing. Through this integration, we address not only thoughts and emotions but also somatic experiences and the wisdom of the nervous system, creating a profound and nurturing journey towards inner alignment and well-being.

  • Instead, coaching focuses on fostering resilience, enhancing self-confidence, developing skills, and cultivating embodied self-trust. This empowers individuals to navigate life transitions, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals with clarity and purpose.


As a somatic practitioner, my primary aim is to empower you to cultivate self-reliance and self-support. Together, we will work towards achieving your goals and transforming habitual patterns, allowing you to manifest the life you've longed for. I will guide you in acknowledging and understanding the challenges you are facing, and collaboratively explore effective ways to navigate and overcome them. Our journey will involve nurturing a harmonious connection with your body, fostering healing and growth. Additionally, we will collaboratively establish meaningful life goals that propel you towards a fulfilling future.

How I work:

Experience the benefits of four 60-minute sessions each month for just $595. This comprehensive offering ensures regular support and guidance throughout your journey of growth and transformation. Opt for a single session at $160, or save with our monthly package – four sessions for $595, a savings of $45.

Contact me: call/text : (858) 800-8014


Complimentary Consult

A 60 minute session at no cost, allowing us to connect and assess if our working relationship would be a harmonious fit.


Specializing in Women's Wellness

At SomaShift, we focus exclusively on supporting women in their journey toward holistic health and empowerment. Our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of women, helping them reconnect with their bodies, rediscover their power, and achieve profound transformation through specialized somatic practices.

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