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Harmony Embodied

Tools & Community for Lasting Peace

In your pursuit of medical freedom, remember that you are not alone. Our group provides a supportive community where you can connect with others who share your values and concerns. Together, we create a space for open discussion, mutual understanding, and collective empowerment.

Are you searching for a path to recovery and wellness post-COVID stress? Join our empowering 3-month group program, specially designed to help you navigate and heal from the challenges of these unprecedented times. Our weekly sessions will guide you through somatic practices, fostering a deep connection with your body and nervous system. We'll explore techniques to manage stress, address feelings related to medical freedom, and create a supportive community environment. Discover the power of healing in a group setting, where shared experiences and collective wisdom pave the way for personal growth and resilience. Sign up now and transform your life!

In this group we will cover

Here's why you should consider being a part of our journey:


Expert Guidance: Led by skilled facilitators like Angela Rivero & Alexandra Ward, who bring a wealth of knowledge in somatic practices and holistic healing.

Comprehensive Approach: The program integrates various healing techniques for a well-rounded experience.

Safe Community Space: Enjoy the support of a compassionate community to share and grow together.

Healing and Empowerment: Embark on a transformative path that not only addresses trauma but also empowers you in your daily life.

Invaluable life-long tools: Gain access to resources and tools for continuous personal development beyond the group sessions.

Somatic Techniques: Learn practical, body-based methods for managing stress and enhancing well-being.

Mind-Body Connection: Deepen your understanding of how emotional states influence physical health.

Enhanced Self-Awareness: Cultivate a deeper sense of self through guided reflection and practices.

Lasting Change: Experience real and lasting change through a supportive, structured program.

This group offers more than just discussion; it's about embodied shifts. It's a journey towards a felt sense of ease, peace, and calm, moving beyond mere conversation to experience true transformation.

This group is designed to provide a nurturing and effective pathway to holistic well-being, leveraging the expertise and shared experiences of participants and facilitators alike.


Alexandra Ward

 A seasoned Somatic Guide, Bodyworker, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Breath Work Facilitator with over two decades of experience. Lexi is also an accomplished author with two phenomenal books to her credit. Her remarkable journey includes mentorship under Shoshone elder and spiritual leader Corbin Harney during his final years. This profound experience has significantly influenced her approach, allowing her to impart sacred wisdom that aids in healing both individuals and the planet.

FAQ for Harmony Embodied Group


  1. When does the group start? The group begins on February 27.


  3. What time are the meetings? Meetings are from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM PST.

  4. Is this a virtual program? Yes, all meetings will be held virtually.

  5. What is the cost for the 12-week Harmony Embodied Group program? $333

  6. How long is the program? The program runs for 12 weeks in total.

  7. What if I can't make a live call for the Harmony Embodied Group? The sessions are not recorded to ensure privacy, confidentiality, and overall safety, which are our top priorities. If you miss a live call, don't worry – we encourage you to join us for the next scheduled session the following week. Your continuous journey and participation are important to us.

  8. What equipment do I need? A PC, laptop, or tablet, and a yoga mat.

  9. How interactive are the sessions? Participation is encouraged but completely up to you. Choice is important.

  10. Is there support outside of the weekly sessions? Alexandra and Angela offer 1:1 sessions for an additional cost.

  11. Can I join late or leave early? Being on time is important for maintaining the sacred container. If you need to leave early, please inform us

  12. Do I need any prior experience?

  13. No experience is needed. The program is suitable for all levels.

  14. What is the refund or cancellation policy? Please reach out to us directly if this concern arises.

  15. How is confidentiality maintained? Confidentiality and privacy are taken seriously and will be established in the first session.

  16. Will there be homework? Practicing what is learned in sessions is encouraged but entirely up to you.

  17. Is the program suitable for beginners? Yes, it's designed for both newcomers and experienced individuals.

Angela Rivero

A dedicated guide in holistic healing. She brings passion and expertise as a Somatic Practitioner, Embodiment Coach, Educator, and Mentor. Her approach is deeply rooted in the transformative union of body, mind, and spirit. Angela's qualifications include a Coaching Certification and a VITA™ Sex, Love, and Relationships Certification. She is also a Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Healing trainee and a Certified Safe And Sound Provider. With this diverse and specialized training, Angela is uniquely equipped to share her knowledge and skills for holistic healing and empowerment.

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