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What is self-trust? 

It's knowing that you always have a “safe” place to land within. 

Self-trust is an ever-evolving practice. It is not an outcome or destination.  

We are led to believe that we should strive for an outcome...but how often does anyone tell you it’s a “practice,” a lifetime journey of returning to yourself over and over. 

How often do you feel like you should know better by now, have your act together, and only share if it's “perfect”? Which can lead to shame, loneliness, and feeling like you aren’t good enough.


The missing Key ingredient is gaining the deep knowing that it's all about the practice of it all...self-trust, self-love...compassion, and understanding.  

When you commit to yourself and to a practice of self-trust, then you start to feel safe, confident, and deeply rooted in your connection with yourself.  

When you are waiting for an outcome of self-trust or confidence, and let's say you have a moment when you didn’t trust yourself...well if you think you should have known better," should" have trusted yourself... then you feel like shit and doubt yourself, maybe criticize yourself. As opposed to knowing it’s an evolving practice, then you have self-compassion, and figure out what happened at that moment you didn’t trust yourself with curiosity.  

Why a mentorship?

I am offering a mentorship because having someone hold space for you, guide you and slowly explore who you are at the core can shift your whole life.

We all need someone in our corner. We will have moments, we forget our truth, and need someone there to remind us. We will spend our time together practicing self-trust, self-love, and self-compassion through curiosity and patience.


“Slow is fast”

Healing happens when you give yourself space and time; too often we rush the process of healing which can lead to us bypassing ourselves, which actually slows down the healing.

What this mentorship offers you:

We will build you a foundation of deeply rooted self-trust so that you go into the world knowing what you...

Need consciously & unconsciously.

Embodying a new way of relating -Establish boundaries and how to communicate (goodbye people pleaser ;)

Clarity your true desires

What you specifically need to thrive.

Erotic wholeness-Explore your sexuality, orgasms & anatomy - epic pleasure (You can’t bypass and forget your sexuality and thrive).

How to have thriving relationships.

We will work on your self-worth (many of us don’t believe at the core we are worthy and deserving of love and the things we want).

How to say no!

How to ask for what you want.

How to connect to your body and its inherent wisdom.


How you trust yourself or how you don’t trust yourself will show up in every area of your life. 




I want you to build a life that makes you feel alive and fulfilled. 

We are told “find balance” 

I don’t want balance.  

I want to create my life  

Me time 


Money making activities 



Family time 

Not in balance but designing my life. 

 I want to help you do the same, your version of an epic life.  

What will my time with you look like? 

  •  1:1 private session per week, with a possible weekly break per month leaving 1 week to rest and integrate what you are learning. 

  • Session's duration - 1-1hr 15 mins  

  •  chat support (messaging) 

  • Custom tools and homework as needed ( don’t worry, it will be what works for you) 


Benefits of self-trust? 


What will I start to notice? 

  • Freedom and ease in your body 

  • More orgasmic bliss 

  • Freedom from guilt 

  • JOMO (joy of missing out) instead of fear 

  • Able to speak your truth (not live by others' expectations of you) 

  • That you are able to hear your body- 

If you are connected to your body's messages and sensations you will receive and experience deeper fulfilling intimacy and pleasure.  

  • Embodying your hell yes's and hell no's 

  • Anxiety starts to melt away and soften when you are connected to your truth 

  • Less worried about other people's opinions and demands  

  • Unapologetically follow your needs  

  • Date without fear that you’ll pick the “wrong” guy/gal again 

  • Not people pleasing 

  • That you can relate to yourself with so much compassion and kindness 

  • Playful energy 

  • Self-doubt melts away 

I know it can be scary to choose yourself after perhaps many years or a lifetime of not. Especially in a society that celebrates you being selfless... Literally self (less). 

When you are self-more, self-fulfilled you aren’t abandoning are just now including everyone and the most important person (you). 

Everyone who you feel is important will only benefit and thrive from you choosing you. 


You might not know all the answers in this moment, but you know it's time for a shift, to take a leap towards the life you want to live.  

It would truly be an honor to mentor you.  

Monthly commitment only 😊 

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